Monday, August 30, 2010

The Friendly Barber

A Great Joke To Brighten Your Day

A man went into the barbershop for a haircut.  While the barber was cutting his hair, he asked the customer, "So...what do you do for a living?"  "I'm a teacher," was the man's reply.  Over the next 15 minutes, the two men had a nice conversation centered around the teacher's career in influencing children.  When the barber was finished, the teacher asked, "How much do I owe you?"  The barber firmly shook the man's hand and said, "You don't owe me anything.  I consider it an honor to serve you since you have served the children of our city."  The stunned teacher expressed his gratitude and then left the shop.  The next morning when the barber came to work, sitting on his steps was a nice thank-you note with a box of chocolates.

The next day a marine went into the barbershop.  He didn't look like he needed much of a haircut, but obviously he wanted it shorter still.  While the barber cut his hair, he asked lots of questions about the marine's time in the service and all of the places that he had been.  When the barber finished the haircut, he gave the man a snappy salute and said, "No charge.  It's my honor to cut your hair for your service to our country."  The marine proudly returned the salute with a "Thank you, sir!" and left the barbershop.  The next morning when the barber came to work, sitting on his steps was a brand-new marine corps baseball cap.

The next day a Baptist missionary walked into the barbershop.
While getting his haircut, he too was asked about his line of work.  "I'm a missionary," he said.  "I'm in town for a mission's conference at the Baptist church up on the corner.  We'll be sharing all week about missionaries and ministries who are telling others about Jesus all around the world."  After the haircut the barber, who was a devout Christian, looked at the missionary and softly said, "You are doing the Lord's work, brother.  This haircut is on the house today."  The missionary graciously thanked the barber and left.  The next morning when the barber came to work, sitting on his steps were 20 more Baptist missionaries.


  1. I read a different version of this joke about a year ago. I couldn't quit laughing the rest of the day (even all through church). I think it may be my very favorite joke of all time.

  2. Heard that one before, but still very funny!

  3. Heard it before too. Great joke!