Saturday, February 19, 2011

Grandma And Jesus

My daughter has been walking around saying something lately that I just have to share. There is no point or application to this story. It's just cute:)

Gabby with her doll that Grandpa and Grandma Benefield
sent her for Christmas

Several days ago while talking to her mom on the phone, my wife let our 2 year-old daughter, Gabby, talk to grandma for a minute. When she got off the phone, she spent the next several minutes telling everyone who would listen that she had just talked to "Grandma and Jesus". At first I didn't think anything of it, because she has been known to say some pretty interesting things "out of the blue". But over the next couple of days, she kept saying the phrase over and over. When relaying her conversation with Grandma to someone, it was "Grandma and Jesus". When talking on a toy phone, it was "hi Grandma and Jesus". When telling us something she forgot to say on the phone, it was "oh, I forgot to tell Grandma and Jesus". But she wasn't doing this when referring to both grandmas. Just my mother-in-law. (Sorry, mom!) 

It finally dawned on me why she was saying that.
My mom is the grandma whom the kids know better and with whom they have spent more time, therefore she is just "Grandma". We call my wife's mom, "Grandma Angie". So for Gabby's entire life (all 35 months of it) she has heard the family talking about "Grandma Angie", so when she got to talk to her on the phone, she just added a little "sus" on the end. (Say it out loud if you still don't get it:) She knows the name Jesus, and she knows the name Grandma Angie. I guess it's understandable for a 2 year old to get a couple of names mixed up, especially when one flows so well into the other. It will be interesting to see how long she says it this way.

Oh well, I guess I'd be hard-pressed to come up with two better people to talk about or talk to than Grandma and Jesus! Maybe there's a point to this story after all.


  1. What a cute story!
    The picture is adorable - it looks like Gabby and her doll are having the same kind of hair day :)

  2. How could I not love that adorable picture and that sweet story even though I am the "wrong" grandma. Lots of love to all, Grandma Benefield