Wednesday, May 22, 2013

10 Prayer Requests For Our Medical Clinic Outreach

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This coming week (May 27th - 30th) we will be hosting a free medical clinic at our church as an evangelistic outreach. Healthcare in Cambodia is generally not too good, and many of Cambodia's poorest people do not have the money to obtain even substandard healthcare. God has laid it upon the heart of Bro. Bradley Edmondson, director of Medical Missions Outreach, to bring his team of volunteer medical professionals from the U.S. to conduct this clinic. His team will be providing the medical expertise and the needed medicines, and my team (our church and some other area missionaries) will be providing the translators and logistical support as well as sharing the Gospel. Also, a missionary friend from Singapore, Bro. Chantha Chhim, will be coming with his wife and children and a few of his converts from their new church plant in Singapore. We are excited about this wonderful opportunity to share God's love by meeting some of the physical needs of the people and pray God will open doors to meet the greatest need of all, salvation through faith in Christ. 

Here are 10 specific prayer requests for this outreach.

1. Pray for the safety of the team as they travel. Bro. Edmondson's group will be leaving the US sometime on Thursday and arriving here Friday night (the 24th), and Bro. Chhim's group will be arriving on Thursday.

2. Pray for a good crowd of people to come to the clinic. We would like to see a large number of people, but we don't want to have more people than we can effectively handle. So don't pray for a large number, pray for the RIGHT number.

3. Pray for the medical team to have wisdom as they treat people. Good bedside manner can go a long way in convincing someone that Jesus loves them. And so can relief from a medical condition. 

4. Pray for no problems with red-tape or government intervention. We have obtained the necessary permission, but still...we shouldn't take anything for granted.

5. Pray for people to be willing to listen to the Gospel. Our desire is to see many saved in the coming days, weeks, and months as a direct result of the clinic.

6. Pray for the translators. This role is being filled by veteran missionaries as well as a few English-speaking Cambodians. This is not always an easy job.

7. Pray for my wife as she coordinate meals for the team. A behind-the-scenes job for sure, but kind of important:)

8. Pray for the entire team (the guests from America and Singapore, and even us locals) to have strength and energy throughout the clinic. It's very hot here right now!

9. Pray for God to do an amazing work in the lives of the volunteers. Setting aside a few days to serve others can have a way of changing one's perspective on life.

10. Pray for EVERYTHING to be done in the power of the Holy Spirit and with His enabling!

Thank you so much for your prayers!

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