Saturday, April 17, 2010

Our New Theme

The 7th Anniversary of the Good News Baptist Church of Phnom Penh was the second Sunday of February; however, due to our remodeling project we postponed it.  Now that our project is 95% complete, we will be celebrating our church anniversary tomorrow.

One of the things that we do on our church anniversary is to present a new theme for the year.  I wanted to briefly share our new theme with you.  The theme for this year is:  "Prayer Is The Key!"  The verse at the bottom is Luke 11:1 which says in part, "Lord, teach us to pray."  Yes, that entire section in the smaller font is "Lord, teach us to pray."  In English, 5 syllables.  In Khmer, 21 syllables!

God has been laying this theme on my heart for a very long time.  Our church has many good points, but the area of prayer is one area which our church has much room to grow.  From the pulpit to the pew and from the pastor to the people, prayer is the key to every problem of life.  In this new year, we will be establishing some new times of corporate prayer as well as encouraging and equipping for growth in the area of private prayer.  Tomorrow night's service will kick off a 4 night revival meeting.  My good friend, Rodney Ruppel, will be preaching for three of the four nights (he had a previous engagement on Monday night, so I will be preaching that night).  Please pray for a good turnout, but more than a good crowd, please pray that God will do a work of revival in every heart, beginning in my own.  Also, please pray for Bro. Ruppel as he preaches, that God would use him in a great way.


  1. Praying for your services!!! What an awesome theme. A great truth. I need to be reminded of that too. Wish I could attend the revival meeeting, I'm sure I would be encouraged and challenged too. Have a great week.

  2. Its awesome to hear the Lord has laid prayer on your heart...we have been praying as a church more than ever before! We have prayer partners, stronghold assault teams, fasting, Aaron & Hur teams (they pray for the Pastors) quarterly prayer meetings, & mens prayer breakfast. What a blessing it has been for out church, it has brought us even closer together!

  3. I was trying to read the Khmer, and I could tell that it had something to do with prayer. But then I had to cheat and look down at your translation. What a great theme. Interestingly, this is the very part of my life that God has been prodding. Many times I feel like a prayer weakling, not a prayer warrior. I look forward to the next post!