Sunday, March 27, 2011

My New Favorite Song

I have a new favorite song! The song is called "Only Jesus". I don't know who wrote it. I have tried to search for information about the song, but so far I have been unsuccessful. The group that I heard sing it is the Calvary Quartet. I highly recommend the Calvary Quartet, but this song in particular is amazing. I have listened to it numerous times, and I don't think I have made it through the song one time without getting tears in my eyes and goosebumps on my arms. After listening to this song about a dozen times and having the same reaction every time, I began to analyze the song closely. I wanted to know what were the components that made this song pure gold. Here's what I came up with:

1. The words
Words, of course, are a very important part of a song, and the words in this song are about as uplifting as anything I have ever heard. The first verse lays out scenarios where a person is feeling sad, tired, disappointed, or discouraged, and points them to Jesus. The second verse speaks to those who have fainted or failed along the way and encourages them to consider Jesus, the only one who can renew their spirit. The chorus asks, "Who can wash my sin away, who can give victory every day, who is with me all the way?" Then comes the solid, unshakeable, and resounding answer - "Only Jesus"!

2. The melody
Some songs have wonderful and true words, but are put to a tune which just isn't that pretty. The tune to this song is beautiful. It truly speaks to the soul. When you put amazing words with a wonderful melody, you've got a winner! But the Calvary Quartet went the extra mile with this song, as stated in the next two observations.

3. The harmony, the blend, and the arrangement itself
The Calvary Quartet always sounds great together, but especially in this song. In addition to the solid quartet harmony, they also use a variety of other combinations which complement the arrangement very nicely. And speaking of the arrangement, I absolutely love the key changes in this song and the chorus of "Only Jesus Can Satisfy Your Soul" which, in a stroke of musical genius, was beautifully woven into this arrangement at the perfect place.

4. The orchestration
Since this is a Faith Music Missions production, I presume they did the orchestration. This is some of the finest orchestral accompaniment that I have ever heard. They use the full range of instruments: a soft flute, a smooth trombone, soothing strings, a soaring french horn (at least I think it's a french horn that I hear). I have heard accompaniments which were too much or too little for the vocals, but this one can only be described as "perfect".

Thanks to Faith Music Missions and the Calvary Quartet for conservative, Christ-honoring, beautiful music. 

You can order this CD here. You can also just download the song for $.99.


  1. I look forward to finding a way to hear it. Are you getting a commission from FMM? :)

  2. Updated information: I wrote to the Calvary Quartet and inquired about the song. I was surprised to hear that it was written by Ron Hamilton (surprised only because I thought I knew all of his songs already). It can be found in the Christmas Cantata "Goodwill to Men" here:

    Timothy, no I don't think I'm getting a commission, but maybe if this blog post causes a buying frenzy at FMM, they'll consider it:) You are going to love this song.

  3. For some reason the link isn't working. Anyway, the website is:, then look under "Printed Choral Music", then "Christmas", then "Adult Musicals".

  4. The part you can listen to online sounds great! Wish I could hear all of it. I had never heard of the Calvary Quartet - thanks for mentioning them. Hope we can add their cds to our music library in the near future.
    Ron and Shelly Hamilton put out some amazing music.