Monday, November 8, 2010

Interview With Candace Hope Benefield

Over the last several weeks I have sat down with each of my children and interviewed them for our Anniversary Month. Angela and I have been blessed with awesome kids, and I want our friends and supporters to have a chance to know them better. I hope you will enjoy these interviews.

Teaching a lesson, October, 2010
Where were you born?
Fresno, California

How old are you?
I'm 11 years old.

What grade are you in this year?
I'm in 7th grade.

Do you have a favorite subject in school?
Yes, I like Science the best.

Why do you like Science the most?
Because it's interesting to know about electricity, molecules, planets, and other things like that.
Do you have a least favorite subject?
Definitely Word Building.

What do you not like about Word Building?
I don't like having to write the same word over and over, and I also don't like looking up words in the dictionary.

As Mary in the MK's Christmas Pageant, 2009

I know you like to read a lot.  What are your favorite kinds of books?
I like books about Science, and I also like mysteries.

Do you have any hobbies or favorite pastimes?
I like reading, playing the piano, riding my bike, helping my mom in the kitchen, and playing with my younger brothers and sisters. I like doing cross-stitch and sudoku too, but haven't done any in awhile.

New glasses! July 2010
What is something you like about living in Cambodia?
I like getting to learn a different language.

Do you speak Khmer?
Yes, I can speak it fairly well and I understand most of the preaching. Sometime there is a word or two that I don't know. I can't read and write in Khmer yet, but I want to learn in the future.

Are there any words that are really hard for you?
For some reason, I have a difficult time with the word for "pig" (chrook).

Are there any Khmer words and phrases which are funny to you?
Let's see...when we order popcorn chicken at Lucky Burger and the girl taking the order calls it back to the kitchen...that's funny. It's funny to my brother and sisters and I because the first and last words rhyme. They say "pop mukunchop".

Piano recital, May 2009

What's the weather like in Cambodia?
It's hot, but sometimes in the rainy season it does get a little chilly.

Do you have Khmer friends?
Yes, the girls in the church, some younger and some older.

What do you do with your Khmer friends?
Sometimes mom and dad let us go to a park with them to play freeze tag and badminton. Also we go soulwinning with the girls in the church.

Christmas 2009

How do you help out in the ministry?
I go soulwinning. I help clean the church and set up for services. I play the piano for the offering and am slowly working up to being able to play for the congregational singing. Soon I am going to start teaching piano to a few girls in the church. Also I help watch the nursery.

What is your favorite memory in Cambodia?
My grandparents coming for a visit. We got to spend time with them, take them soulwinning, out to the village, to the water park, and other places. And Aunt Malinda got to come and visit and was here for the 4th of July.

Making cookies, October 2010

Speaking of holidays, how do you celebrate 4th of July in Cambodia?
Usually one of the missionary families here will invite all of the other families over for a BBQ, a patriotic art contest or art show for the children, and a program with essays, poems, and songs.

That sounds like fun! What type of things have you done in the past?
I have played the piano the past two years and sung in several songs with my sisters or dad. A few years ago I did an essay on "Why I Love America".

Is there something specific that you look forward to when you go to America?
Yes! Hometown Buffet!

Riding a tuk-tuk with Deborah and Emma, May 2010
Tell me a little bit about the trip between America and Cambodia? What's it like?
Well, I really like flying. If there is a TV on the seats I really like to see where we are, how far we've gone, how far we need to go, and information like that. I also like having all that time to read and read and read!

How's the food on those long flights?
I really loved this delicious chicken they had a couple of times, and sometimes they have ice cream. Sometimes I don't really like the food, but there really isn't too much that I don't like about the trip.

With her friend, Rhadee Ruppell, January 2010
Has anything ever really frightened you in Cambodia?
A really big dog bit me once. That was scary. And another time, it didn't really scare me, but it startled me when a lizard fell from the ceiling and landed on my hand. That was disgusting! And a crab that a boy brought to Bible club once...that scared me.

Do you have a favorite Khmer food or drink?
I really, really, really love sugar cane juice!

Holding little brother, Seth, April 2010

Okay, now for the last question, and the most important one. When were you saved?
My dad led me to the Lord a few days before Christmas in 2005. He used a couple of really clear illustrations that helped me to understand how to be saved. After I asked Jesus to forgive my sins, I remember that I was really happy and that I wanted to read my Bible.

Helping mom in the kitchen
Tomorrow's interview...Deborah!


  1. What a wonderful idea. I can't wait to share this with my kids! Thank you Candace for giving us a peak into your life in Cambodia, we will be praying especially for you this week!

  2. Enjoyed getting to know more about Candace! Great answers! :) Thanks for sharing, and I will be sharing this with Aunt April and Timothy tomorrow!

  3. I like the interview and am glad you decided to do it. I think it would be neat for a lizard to fall on my hand!
    It is snowing a little bit here today!
    Andrew Winkler

  4. I LOVE to read too!!! Right now I am reading The Secret Garden. Next I will read A Little Girl's Treasury which I borrowed from another missionary family. My favorite subjects in school are English and Word Building. I don't have a subject that I don't like...I love school.
    I would enjoy getting to visit you in Cambodia. It would be so much fun to ride a tuk-tuk.
    Sarah Winkler

  5. (sorry about the "removed" comment. Daniel decided to change his. Here is his new one....
    My favorite subject in school is Science too. It is fun to learn about electricity, magnets, the solar system, and all the other cool stuff you study in Science. My least favorite is Word Building is a lot of work for me to learn to spell all those new words.
    Mystery books are some of my favorite! We were able to borrow some Hardy Boy books from some friends. I've almost finished the first's great!
    Daniel Winkler

  6. Hello from Siberia! Rachel just sent me the link to your blog. Nicely done. Our kids will enjoy reading about your kids. Great to "see" your family again. God bless you!
    David and Dee Dee Sterling

  7. What a fun interview! You are a special girl, Candace! I am SO thankful God brought your family to Cambodia! It is SO much fun to watch you grow up. I know your parents are VERY proud of you! Thank you for being such a good friend to Rhadee! I love you and I am proud of you!
    Mrs. Ruppel

  8. Thanks for letting us get to know your kids. I was wonderful to get a look in another missionary kid´s life.

  9. From little Timothy - "I got saved just like you did! I don't like writing words over and over in Word Building either. I have ministries, too. Open the doors, fill up the water glass, turn on the lights, and check out the bus with daddy. I like it!"

  10. Hi there, so nice to meet you and read all about you and the work your family is doing in Cambodia. Keep up the good work! You are a sweet girl with a wonderful servant's heart.

  11. I really enjoyed reading this post. You are growing into such a sweet young lady. What a blessing to see your willingness to serve the Lord in many different areas. Keep your servant's heart and the Lord will use you.

    ~Aunt Rachel

  12. It was SO awesome to read the interview. I loved the popcorn chicken story. Can't wait for the other kids' interviews - great idea. Well it must be a family thing because I LOVE Science best and Word Building was my least favorite as well. Although when I became a teacher I liked teaching spelling because I always played REALLY fun spelling games with my students. Thank you for your testimony of serving the Lord. Love you all. Aunt DeAna

  13. These interviews are awesome. I'm so glad you started this gives you an opportunity to use your writing talent, and it gives me and many others some very interesting and informative material to read. I'm getting ready to read Stephen's interview...