Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Interview With Stephen Joshua Benefield

Over the last several weeks I have sat down with each of my children and interviewed them for our Anniversary Month. Angela and I have been blessed with awesome kids, and I want our friends and supporters to have a chance to know them better. I hope you will enjoy these interviews.

November 2009
How old are you?
I'm four.

Where were you born?

Do you have any idea why they call it Thailand?'s because there are Thai people there, and because there is land there.

So, do you speak Thai yourself?
No, I don't know how to speak Thai.

Well then what language do you speak?
I speak a little bit of Khmer, and that's it.

What about English?  Do you know how to speak English?
Ummm...I don't know about that.

What's it like living in Cambodia?
It's just like living in Thailand.
What do you like to spend your time doing?
Playing with cars, playing with legos, and playing with Marbelous, but mommy never lets me play with that one because if I lose one of the marbles, one of the babies could find it and choke on it. I also like to draw pictures of race cars, horses, fire trucks, helicopters, airplanes, and look at books and color. And of course, go downstairs and play mountain climbing and cops and robbers.

Playing with Marbelous, July 2010
Can you tell me something you think is neat about living in Cambodia?
Everything's neat. I like riding the moto with daddy. We ride the moto to go get a haircut. I also like going with daddy to the village so I can play in the dirt and throw rocks in the pond.

What do you like to eat in Cambodia?
I like to eat pizza, and ham sandwiches.

Is that Cambodian food?
I don't know.

Do you have a favorite restaurant in Cambodia?
Lucky Burger and Pizza Company. I like the cold places, but I don't really like the dirt places. And I REALLY like Tutti-Frutti. You can get your own ice cream and your own toppings, and they have lots of different colored seats.

At a church potluck, October 2010

Does anything funny ever happen in Cambodia?
Yes, when my dad tells jokes!

Do you have any Cambodian friends?
Yes...Ta, Soum, Ponleu, Ponlok, and Pich.

What do you like to do with them?
Play soccer.

At his sisters' piano recital, May 2009
Do you do anything to serve the Lord in Cambodia?
I took the offering once.

What do you think you might want to do to serve the Lord as you get a little older?
Maybe be a preacher when I get old enough.  And I can take the offering, pick up trash, sweep up, go soulwinning, and go to the village.

Helping scrape the wall of the church, March 2010
Is there anything that excites you about going to America?
Finding pennies and nickels. And is Burger King in America?

Yes, it is.
Then going to Burger King. And since my second favorite thing to do is play legos, I think Lego Land sounds pretty exciting.

Just finished putting a birthday present together with daddy,
January 2010

Do you know why we live in Cambodia instead of in America?
Because God sent us to come to Cambodia to be missionaries.

And what do missionaries do?
Preach and tell people not to sin and tell people about God.

Christmas 2009
Decorating Christmas cookies, December 2009
July 2010
As a shepherd in the MK Christmas pageant,
December 2009
Sitting at the Phnom Penh airport after saying good-bye to
Grandpa and Grandma, July 2009
Holding baby brother, Seth, in Bangkok, Thailand,
August 2009
Next interview...about Gabriella!


  1. Those are some good answers, Stephen. I'm sorry that the funniest thing you have in Cambodia are your dad's jokes. Those are some pretty cool looking legos you have there. Sounds like you like all the food I like too! Do people wear ties in Thailand? Glad to hear about you serving the Lord in Cambodia.

  2. Your Marbelous is cool! The lego set is awesome too! We have "tootie frutties" here too, but they are like fruit snacks.
    When we drive to Tallinn and see our friends there, we play cops and robbers. It's lot of fun! I usually get to be a good guy since I don't like being a bad guy.
    I built some really cool space ships and cars with my legos.

  3. Hi Stephen! I am your cousing, Caleb. I like your Marbelous set and your lego set. The yellow frosting on the cookies looks YUMMY! Your baby brother is cute. I like him. My mommy is your Aunt Rachel. Bye.

  4. You have such an adorable smile in every one of your pictures. It sounds like you just LOVE being a boy....legos, cops and robbers, mountain climbing, dirt, marbles, and soccer.
    I am so glad we have Skype and can SEE you once in awhile. You are sure growing up to be a handsome young man. I love you!
    Aunt Rachel

  5. Hey Stephen!
    You are my FAVORITE little boy! (Of course, my boys are BIG already!) You had some great answers! Now I know why Thailand is called Thailand. I always wondered about that! I'm glad you like Cambodia so much! I think it's pretty great too! By the way, where is Tutti-Fruiti? It sounds great, but I've never been there! I hope you keep your wonderful spirit and your adorable smile forever! I love you! Mrs. Ruppel

  6. from little Timothy - "I like to play with legos, too! I just got a lego fire station for my birthday, and I play lego police chase on the computer. I wish I could Cambodia with you. Your lego police station looks like a lot of fun. Maybe my dad will help me send a picture of my lego fire station. I want to serve the Lord however God wants me to just like you."

  7. You sure are cute! The cookies you helped make sure look tasty. Your Marbelous set is cool! I love to color too. Do you like to look at books? I read books to Caleb since he can't read yet. Did you like being the shepherd in your Christmas play?

  8. After school or whenever I have time, I like to play legos. I build all kinds of different things - police stations, space ships, cars, and other neat things. I'm glad you have a little brother so you guys can play cool BOY stuff together when he gets older...just like Andrew, Caleb, and I do.

  9. Enjoyed reading all the kids' interviews. Sounds like they are all a lot of fun and having a lot of fun in Cambodia.

  10. Stephen next time you come to the states you will have to come play legos at our house! We loved reading all of your answers, sounds like Cambodia is a fun place to live! We will be praying for you Stephen!

  11. Thanking you for posting these. They are great. I am reading them to my Sunday School girls during our Missionary Time. Praying for you all.

  12. It's amazing to see how Stephen is growing into a young man. I remember being there in 2006 when he was just a few months old.

    And I must agree with Bro. Timothy...I am sorry that the funniest thing in Cambodia is his dad's jokes.... :^) ......just kidding- I get a kick out of them too- especially when they involve Sid the Sloth and words like fragrant.

  13. What a fun interview!! I want to know...what is Tuttie Fruittie, and where is it?? Stephen is adorable and so sweet!! But maybe you shouldn't tell him that, he might be embaressed!!

  14. Really enjoy reading these interviews! Thanks for the chance to get to know your family, and thanks for the encouragement you are to us!