Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Special Song For A Special Occasion

The following song was written by my brother, Timothy Benefield, and sung by the Sequoia Baptist Church choir on the occasion of our commissioning service.  This service took place just one day before our departure for Cambodia, and I will never forget the depth of emotion and love displayed by our sending church that night.  I share the words to this song with you in the hopes that they will encourage you as they have encouraged me.
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A Farewell Prayer

As you head for distant countries, you may feel all alone
The burdens that are coming, as yet cannot be known.
But you can rest assured, you won't bear them on your own.
For we will meet you daily in the presence of God's throne.

GO IN PRAYER, our earnest prayer.
All your burdens we will share.
At God's throne your name declare.
We will pray, so GO IN PRAYER.

As you daily face the trials, so sure to come your way,
The fears and doubts will gather, through each and every day.
But you are in His hand, just trust Him and obey.
Just find your rest in Jesus, and He'll drive the fears away.

GO IN PEACE, God's perfect peace.
All your cares to Him release.
In His hands all worries cease.
Rest in Him, and GO IN PEACE.

As you face the Devil's strongholds, the conflict will be strong.
The dangers will be many, the battle will be long.
But you are on God's side, the fight to Him belongs.
And in the strength of Jesus you will sing the vict'ry song.

GO IN POWER, God's mighty power.
He'll be with you every hour.
He's your Shield and your strong Tower.
He's your Strength, so GO IN POWER.


  1. What a song!!! Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Enjoyed the words to that song! Thanks for posting it.

  3. I remember when the choir sang this song. It brought many to tears - including me. Yet, these words have taken on new meaning over the past 10 years. They have become even more powerful - the prayer, the peace, the power - as they are lived out in your ministry. We are so proud and thankful for what God is doing through you and your family.

  4. WOW! What a great song!